This support group has been championing the positive role men have in children’s lives at home and in the workplace and challenging stereotyping since 1994.

The group was set up to support a nursery student who was physically thrown out of his pre-school placement just because he was male. He was totally isolated and had no one to support him. The Men Who Care group met regularly, meeting the needs of dads and male workers.

After an interview appeared in Nursery World we were inundated with hundreds of letters from men right across the country. They told us about the stigma of being a lone male worker or student and the prejudice and discrimination they faced in the workplace. Dads and male carers also faced similar using services for families and children.

Although the regular meetings and newsletter have ceased, we continue to give men one to one support and information as needed.

Over the years we have had a key role in Brighton and Hove lobbying for dads groups. We are pleased to work in the monthly dads session at Tarner Children’s Centre.