We offer a number of services to the community that supports and reinforces our other work. These include:

  • Preparing for an OFSTED inspection and dealing with the aftermath.
  • Consulting for Equality Impact Assessments.
  • How to be equalities minded and inclusive when dealing with pre-school age children and their parents and carers.
  • Advice on dealing with (potentially awful) unexpected events, for example: bereavement, deportation, terminal illness and family issues like divorce in a pre-school environment.
  • Advice relating to human resources for example hiring and firing and supporting workers in a pre-school setting.
  • Recruiting, supporting and retaining volunteers.
  • Procuring and maintaining toys and other resources, especially to reinforce anti-bias play in a pre-school environment.
  • Advice on setting up and supporting new or ailing community groups and charities.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Whether you are an individual setting out or a voluntary group or community enterprise, a commercial business or statutory agency, we have decades of practical skills, experience and expertise to offer.

We can help you deliver value to your organisation at a manageable cost. Contact us for a consultation.